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Mirrix Looms

Mirrix looms are precision built of aluminum, copper and stainless steel to be both lightweight and sturdy. As a weaver, I was impressed with the strength of the loom, it's versatility and the ease with which I can transport work in progress.

Claudia Chase, a professional weaver designed the looms for her own use. Beadweavers soon found that using a Mirrix loom to make beaded tapestry reduced the work involved by allowing a "one pass" system where the shedding device allows a row of beading to be completed in one pass rather than requiring a "locking row".

In effect, the shedding bar produces a flexible, tight tapestry weave from Miyuki and 11/0 beads which is far tighter and more flexible than standard beadwoven tapestry. By warping with a continuous warp you can rotate the weaving as it progresses. The working area is easily accessible for you to slide a hand into and the tension is "self-adjusting".

All looms come with detailed instructions that are very easy to follow.

8" Mirrix Loom (no shedding device)
This loom comes with 14 epi coil for delicas, one fold out leg and can produce a piece measuring 5" x 26". Weaving on this loom is classic tapestry technique, requiring locking in the beads as they are woven. This Lani loom weighs less than 3 pounds. The 3-D piece shown in the photo is based on a technique I learned from Diane Fitzgerald and was used as an embellishment epaulette on a jacket. The jacket won 2nd place at the 2002 Embellishment Gleaming Treasures (mixed media) exhibit!
12" Mirrix Loom (with shedding device)
The 12" loom with shed comes with 8, 10, 12 epi coils, weighs less than 4 pounds, features fold out legs, and allows 13.5" x 30" weaving. It can be carried in a canvas briefcase.
16" Mirrix Loom (with shedding device)
This 16" Mirrix loom comes with 8, 10, 12 epi coils (others also available) 2 fold out legs, weighs less than 6 pounds and can also be fit into a canvas carryall. It is warped with beaded and plain silimide warps. Hardwood shuttle shown in photograph may be purchased separately.
22" Mirrix Loom (with shedding device)
This table loom with shed comes with the standard coils, 2 fold out legs, weighs 11 pounds, and without extender bars allows 19.5 x 40" pieces. This is a grand loom for your fiber/bead creations, the grand tapestry or classes.
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