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Introducing the BEADSPINNER
Black Walnut Beadspinner

3 in 1 Beadspinner
Black Walnut

You will absolutely love how fast the BEADSPINNER strings beads!

Let the Beadspinner do all the work for you! No longer will you have to sit for hours hunched over with an aching back stranding those tiny seeds.

The beadspinner works with any size seed bead that will slip over the curved needle, including Delicas and sizes 11/0 to 6/0. When you spin the bowl with the beads inside, centrifugal force is produced which forces the beads onto the needle.

You may use any thread or wire that will fit through the bead when doubled through the "eye" of the needle.

Beadspinner Movie
Click image above to watch
the Beadspinner in action!
(1.36 mb)

To use:

Fill the bowl with any combination of beads and spin. Dip the threaded needle into the spinning bowl and let the beads "climb" the needle. When you have a few inches of beads on the needle tilt it upwards and slip the beads down onto the thread. Repeat this process.

You can fill the bowl from about 3/4 full to just a layer on the bottom. At the end your needle will be chasing the beads around the bottom and you will know it's time to quit and hand string the last few.

For French Beaded Flowers on wire, bypass the needle and bend a curve in the wire to spin directly onto the wire.

Mini bowls are for stringing small volumes of expensive beads, large bowls are for big projects when you want to spin large volumes of beads.

Oak Beadspinner
Includes 2 needles.
3 in 1 Black Walnut Beadspinner Set
Includes 2 needles.
Beadspinner Needle


Shown in the image at the top of this page is the 3 in 1 spinner in black walnut. Included in the 3 in 1 package is one each of the 3 sizes of bowls with one spindle base. The bowls are interchangable. Additional bases may be purchased separately at any time if you would like to have 2 spinners running concurrently!

Look here for spinners made from exotic woods!

Along with beadspinners we have kits for crocheted lariat bracelets or necklaces, materials and tools for wireworking. Tools include goldfilled, sterling and brass wires, forging pads and blocks, pliers, hole punches, coiling gizmos and findings for finishing your work, We also carry clasps, metal beads, spacers, earring wires and posts.

Take a look at our full line of Mirrix looms, loom accessories, bead tapestry patterns, and books about bead weaving. Jump right in with Bead soup bracelet kits that you can weave on any loom. Instructions are included.

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